Season: Deer & Turkey Archery START September 15, 2015!!!

Twin's Hunting Lodge

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Deer Archery & Rifle

Firearms Turkey
Methods Allowed: Shotgun (Non-beam Casting)
Dates: Fall 2015: October 1, thru October 31, 2015
Limit: 2

Archery Deer & Turkey (Fall)
Methods Allowed: Long & Compound Bow w/ Scope and Sights
Dates: September 15 thru November 13, 2015
November 25, 2015 thru January 15, 2016
Limit: Deer (1) Buck, (1) Doe, (2) Turkey

Firearms Deer Muzzleloader
Methods Allowed: Muzl.Rifle or Pistol, Cap & Ball .40 Caliber +
Dates: December 19 thru December 29, 2015
Limit: 1 Antlered, Unlimited Antlerless 

Furbearers: Coyote (Hunting)
Methods Allowed: Any, Night Hunting - No Beam Casting
Dates: Throughout Year, Except During Turkey & Deer
Limit: No Limit

Online Tags & Permits:

Misssouri Department of Conservation Regulations:
- To View Online:
- Missouri Deer Hunting Page: Deer Hunting Information
- Missouri Turkey Hunting Page: Turkey Hunting Information
- Missouri Fur-Bearers Hunting Page: Fur-Beares Hunting Information

 - Boone & Crocket Scoring (Non-typical):  Whitetail_Boone_Crocket_NonTyp.pdf
 - Boone & Crocket Scoring (Typical): Whitetail_Boone_Crocket_Typ.pd

Furbearers: (Hunting)
Methods Allowed: Any
Limit: No Limit (Bobcat, Badger, Gray & Red Fox, Opossum,
Racoon and Skunk

Feral Hogs
Methods Allowed: Any, Repeating Firearms & Bow from Stand Preferred
Dates: Shoot on Site, throughout Year
Limit: No limit

*NOTE* The packages below show hunts in 5-Day increments. You can tailor your hunt for any number of days, these are not minimums they are just examples based on standard practices.
*NOTE* If you decide to arrive a day early we charge $35.00 per person for lodging only.  Recommended for getting familar with our grounds.

*NOTE* Dates below are subject to change between the end of the very last hunting season and July of the next year when the Missouri Department of Conservation issues the new dates for the year.
*NOTE* Our tree stands and blinds will not be relocated. Please bring your own stands or blinds if you like to pick different spots to hunt from.


Hunting while impaired is strictly prohibited.
Prices are subject to change.
50% Deposit within 2 weeks of Booking your hunt to reserve your dates.
Reimbursables will be paid the same day.
Remaining 50% will be due 2 weeks prior to arrival.
Not responsible for any accidents, injuries or theft.
Remaining 50% will be due 2 weeks prior to arrival.
Waivers must be signed by all persons hunting. Hunting will not begin until signed.
Changes to your reservations (i.e.: decreasing the numbers of people in your party, decreasing the amount of hunting days, etc.) are subject to the original price quoted
your confirmation letter if not made within 60 days prior to arrival.

Hunting is not allowed the day of your departure unless prior arrangements and payment have been made in full. Departure-Day hunting is subject to a 1/2 day fee per person.

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